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Afrik Ankara

Afrik Ankara is a premium African clothing brand located in the United States.


Afrik Ankara




Website Design, eCommerce Setup

Project Brief

Afrik Ankara delivers bespoke and ready-made African clothing to customers worldwide. They needed a website to showcase their products in true African heritage and they came to me.

The website was to have a beautiful homepage and product listing page, a cart and checkout with credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay integration.

Project Outline

When AfrikAnkara came to me, they needed a website that would look modern, and speak to their audience. I worked closely with them to develop a new website that not only delivered on those goals but also provided users with a more streamlined experience.

In order to create a website that addressed all of these needs, we first needed to understand who our target customers were. After doing some research and talking to the client, we realized that the business had a barely-tapped market: the younger generation who were in need of luxury African clothing at affordable prices and who needed to connect with their roots. This meant we could use bright colors and eye-catching images of luxury goods without worrying about them being “too flashy” for the homepages of potential clients.

We also wanted to make sure that our client’s brand was recognizable across all platforms and devices—no matter what kind of screen you’re using, you should be able to recognize AfrikAnkara immediately and know what they do! We accomplished this by using simple images throughout their site, lots of white spaces as well as making sure that each page had its own unique design while still being cohesive with the rest of the site (and following branding guidelines).

We also took advantage of new technologies like responsive design so that no matter what size screen you’re using, you were able to use the site comfortably. Finally, we integrated Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, so customers could pay for their orders easily.

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