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Amaphil Collections

A premium women’s fashion store in Lagos, Nigeria


Amaphil Collections




Branding, Development, Design

Project Brief

Amaphil Collections is a fashion store located in Lagos Nigeria. Prior to meeting with Chima Studios, they didn’t have any online presence — no social media, no website, no google listing; NOTHING.

I was tasked with creating something that would establish them firmly in their industry, given how competitive it is.

My Approach

The Amaphil design was focused on building a world-class user experience that would drive up sales.

As you can see from the website, it takes about 3 clicks to checkout — from product page, to cart and finally checkout. The customers have option to either sign up and login at checkout, then pay using their preferred payment method.

Ideally, a single checkout should be less than 5 minutes altogether. That makes for a good user experience and reduces bounce rate significantly.

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