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Website Design & Appointment System For A Mental Health Institute, Auramind Nigeria.

Auramind is a mental health institute located in Abuja, Nigeria, specializing in providing mental health services to individuals, families, and communities. The institute was looking to revamp its website and integrate an appointment system to make it easier for clients to book appointments and access information about mental health services offered at Auramind.


Auramind Services


July, 2022


Website Redesign, Appointment Booking System

The Challenge

The previous website of Auramind was outdated and not user-friendly, making it difficult for clients to find the information they needed or book appointments. The institute wanted a new website that would be modern, easy to navigate, and would provide clients with all the information they needed to make informed decisions about their mental health. Additionally, the institute wanted to integrate an appointment system that would allow clients to book appointments with their doctors online and receive appointment confirmations/reminders via email.


I started by conducting a thorough analysis of the institute’s needs and requirements, and after several meetings with the founder, we developed a comprehensive website design plan that would meet their needs.

Website Design

  • A clean and modern layout was chosen to make it easy for clients to navigate the site and find the information they need.
  • The site was made responsive to ensure it was accessible on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • A clear and concise menu structure was put in place, making it easy for clients to find the information they needed.
  • Detailed information about the various mental health services offered at Auramind was included on the site, along with contact information, testimonials, and information about the institute’s team.

Appointment System Integration

  • We integrated a robust and user-friendly appointment system that allowed clients to easily book consultations
  • The clients were able to choose which doctor they wanted to have a consultation with.
  • The appointment system was secure and encrypted to protect client information.

Results & Conclusion

The new website and appointment system integration were well received by Auramind and its clients. The clean layout of the website made it easy for clients to navigate and find the information they needed. The appointment system was also user-friendly and allowed clients to book appointments quickly and easily. Everything was tied together beautifully, leading to over 150% increase in consultations in less than 6 months after the new website was launched.