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Discover Veterans

Discover Veterans is a veteran owned recruiting agency based in the USA.


Discover Veterans




Website Design, Copywriting

Project Brief

Disover Veterans is focused on bridging the gap between employers and veterans. Their mission is to assist employers in understand the value veterans bring to the workforce by translating veterans’ skills and experiences to a language understood by employers.

Discover Veterans wanted me to bring their idea to life and set up a website where veterans could find find jobs/vacancies and apply for them directly on their website.

My Approach

The client wanted a user interface that would be easy to navigate, and also a backend where they could manage the site without much fuss. After considerations, we went with WordPress because it is both user friendly and flexible.

Next task was building a system where veteran job seeks could come to apply for open positions. After brainstorming ideas, the best way we could connect veteran recruiters and potential employees was a job board, which I integrated. I also walked through the DV staff on how to update open/closed positions.

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