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ISG World

ISG World is a full-service real estate company offering sales, marketing and development of real estate properties. They are one of the biggest real estate companies in Florida, with over $18Billion in sales.


ISG World


Nov. 2022 – Feb 2023


Website Redesign, Custom Property Listing, Custom Report Listing

Project Brief

ISG World, an industry leader in real estate, has been around for over 30 years. They approached me with the goal of updating their website to improve its overall design and user experience, and to increase their online visibility and lead generation.

In addition, they needed a custom functionality to display their real estate properties where users can go and view everything about said properties. They also needed more custom functions to display their team members, and their quarterly reports.

My Approach

I started by conducting a thorough competitor analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of ISG’s competitors’ websites. This helped me to understand the current market trends and identify opportunities to differentiate ISG from its competitors.

Based on the competitor analysis, I created a design proposal that incorporated custom backgrounds and SVG graphics, which were created using Adobe Illustrator. The custom designs gave the website a unique and visually appealing look, setting it apart from the typical image-based backgrounds used by most competitors.

Once the design was approved by the client, I began building out the pages of the website using HTML, CSS, and Elementor. I incorporated features such as responsive design, clear call-to-actions, and a user-friendly navigation system to enhance the user experience.


The new website for ISG was a huge success, both in terms of design and functionality. The custom backgrounds and SVG graphics added a unique touch to the website, making it stand out in its industry. The user-friendly design and improved navigation made it easy for visitors to find the information they were looking for, and the clear call-to-actions led to an increase in leads and conversions for ISG.


This project was a great opportunity for me to showcase my design and development skills and also work for an industry leader as big as ISG World. I learned the importance of conducting thorough competitor analysis and how it can guide the design process. The result was a website that not only improved the online presence of ISG World, but also exceeded their expectations in terms of design, functionality, and results.

Take a look below and compare ISG’s old design vs their new look when my work was completed: