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Miami International Distributors

Miami International is a wholesale, distribution and procurement company.


Miami International




Website Design

Project Brief

I was hired by Miami International to design them a website that would stand out from their competitors, especially in such a highly competitive industry like theirs.

I did all that and more.

I wanted to create a site that would be easy for visitors to navigate, with clear internal links and a focus on high-quality images. I also wanted to make sure that our new site had a clean, modern look that could be used across multiple devices and platforms.

When Miami International reached out to me to design a website for them, I took the time to research their competitors. I found out most of them were using dated websites that looked like something out of the 90s, with broken links here and there.

I immediately knew there and then I had an opportunity to make Miami International something modern, clean and fast. And I did that. Using Wordpress as the backbone, I constructed the pages and sourced high quality images to complement the modern look and feel of the website.

The content was concise and punchy, so just about anyone could take once glance at the website and know exactly what it was about, without having to pull out a dictionary.

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