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Mistique Barber

Mistique Barber is a traditional barbershop located in Blandford Forum, UK.


Mistique Barber




Website Design, Booking System, SEO & Marketing

Project Brief

Mistique is a traditional barbershop in Blandford Forum that offers haircuts and the full male grooming experience.

The owner, George, needed a website to showcase his services. He also needed a booking system built, as he was transitioning from taking bookings manually in notebooks to having everything automated digitally.

My Approach

George needed a website that would help him with getting more customers through the door. The first thing I did was to research his competitors and see how we could come up with something that was unique and different from what’s out there, in order to make Mistique stand out.

Color scheme chosen was all black and it matched Mistique’s original branding.

Project Outline

Stage 1: Website Design

The website built for Mistique was true to brand, unique and easy for his customers to use.

Stage 2: Booking System

After designing the website, I built the booking system that allowed George move from manually taking customer bookings by hand, to everything being automated digitally. This made George’s work a lot easier, and it cut down on hours that would otherwise have been sent manually taking orders. The booking system features a mailing system that keeps customers updated on their order, as well as an SMS notification service and the flexibility of George being able to manage his customers down to a T.

Stage 3: SEO & Marketing

As stated earlier, we needed to get customers through the door, so optimizing the website for SEO was part of the contract. In less than a week after SEO was done, the website jumped from position 55 to ~13 in Google Search Rankings.

For marketing, we used Google Ads. Since implementing these, customer conversion rate went up by 40%.

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