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Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a personal trainer located in Dorset, UK offers several personal training packages from 1:1 to 2:1 and group sessions.


Paul Watson




Website Design, Booking System

Project Brief

Paul Watson wanted a unique website that would display his training services, as well as a booking system to go with it.

My Approach

The goal here was to create an online presence for Paul that would help him stand out from the competition.

First, we organized photoshoots for Paul during his several training sessions – which were then used across the website. This was to deliver an air of originality.

As you’ll notice across the website, Paul’s color scheme are strongly present, enforcing his brand image. For typography, I went with a bold and wide font for the headings – one that seemed to go well with his offerings.

The booking system we put in place helped Paul filter new clients vs returning clients, with new clients having to answer a questionnaire that assessed their fitness levels based on several preset questions. Upon passing the questionnaire, they would be granted access to make a booking. This system helped Paul easily filter clients who were ready to train, or those who didn’t qualify, without having to sort through all the records one by one.

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