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SCALPPRO  is a scalp micropigmentation business based in Dorset, UK.






Website Design, Consultation System, SEO & Marketing

Project Brief

SCALPPRO is an SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) provider serving Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and surrounding counties.

The founder, George, needed a website to showcase his services since he was among the very first people to start up an SMP Business in his area. He also wanted me to build a consultation system, so he could convert leads into customers. Then, we had to optimize his website’s SEO for the ‘scalp micropigmentation’ keyword in Dorset and the other five counties he served.

My Approach

George is a licensed barber and entrepreneur who, over the past five years, has expanded his business of providing hair care services to include a barber shop and salon. He wanted a website that would help him with getting more customers through the door.

First thing’s first—I did some research on competitors in the area, and I found a lot of really generic barber shop websites. They all looked the same, and they were all super boring. Like, real snoozefests. That’s when it hit me: George’s project needed to be unique and different from what’s out there if we wanted to get SCALPPRO any attention at all.

Project Outline

Stage 1: Branding

When I was designing this logo, I knew it had to be bold and professional, but also friendly and welcoming. George explained that he wanted his clients to feel like they were entering a home-away-from-home where they could unwind, relax, and just be themselves. That’s why we went with a traditional black and white vibe across board.

Stage 2: Website Design

When George contacted me looking for a website, he was clear that he wanted something that was true to their bold and unique, and also easy for his customers to use.

He had a very specific vision in mind, and I knew it would be a challenge but also an incredible opportunity to do something different.

I worked closely with SCALPPRO to develop a new website that not only delivered on those goals but also provided users with a more streamlined experience.

Stage 3: Consultation System

An integral part of the website, was the consultation system where potential leads could fill out a form and George would be instantly notified, allowing him to quickly follow up with them and close the leads with a high percentage.

Stage 4: SEO

Part of George’s goals was to rank for the keyword ‘scalp micropigmentation’ in five different counties namely Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset. Some of these locations (like Dorset) already had fierce competition and getting into the first page of the SERPs would be a war. But we did it anyway- and won. When you google ‘scalp micropigmentation dorset’ or any other county listed above, SCALPPRO ranks in the top 5 results, in less than 6 months.

This was possible by aggressive On-Page SEO optimization, among other things.