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Smart Realty

Smart Realty is a leading real estate company offering premium services to clients in Nigeria and soon to expand across Africa.


Smart Realty




Website Design, Custom Property Listing

Project Brief

Smart Realty is a luxury real estate company providing premium services to clients in Nigeria and soon to expand across Africa. In an effort to take their business online and offer an improved user experience, Smart Realty decided to launch a new website. The goal of the new website was to effectively communicate the company’s brand message and provide a seamless user experience to visitors.

The Approach

I decided to take a user-centered approach to the new website design for Smart Realty. The following steps were taken to ensure the website met the needs of the target audience and accurately reflected the company’s premium brand image:

  1. Research: I conducted thorough research to understand the target audience, their needs, and the online behavior of luxury real estate clients. This research helped inform the design decisions made throughout the project.
  2. Brand Analysis: I analyzed the company’s brand to ensure that the website accurately reflected the brand’s values, messaging, and visual style.
  3. Design Concepts: Based on the research and brand analysis, I then created several design concepts that incorporated the recommended design solutions. These concepts were presented to Smart Realty for review and feedback.
  4. User Testing: User testing was conducted to validate the design concepts and ensure that the website was user-friendly and provided a seamless user experience.
  5. Implementation: Based on the feedback received, the final design was implemented, which included a clean, minimalist layout, high-quality images, and intuitive navigation. The website was also designed to be mobile-friendly, providing an optimal user experience on all devices.

Throughout the design process, I worked closely with Smart Realty to ensure that the website met the company’s needs and accurately reflected its premium brand image. The result was a new website that provided a seamless user experience and effectively communicated the company’s brand message.

Among the website features is an interactive map that allows users to search for properties by location, price, and more. The site also includes an advanced search engine that allows users to narrow down their searches based on criteria like size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, etc. Users can also see the average price for each property type in any given area before they start their search.


The new website has been well received by visitors and has helped establish Smart Realty’s online presence. The user-friendly design and mobile accessibility have resulted in increased engagement and a higher conversion rate. The website has also helped the company to effectively communicate its brand message and has positioned Smart Realty as a leading player in the luxury real estate market in Nigeria and across Africa.

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