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Gottes Gnade Integrated Ltd

Gottes Gnade is a Nigerian company specialized in Marine, Consulting, Oil & Gas, Agriculture. They came to us for their website design and branding, having no prior online presence. We studied their business model, compared it with competitor s and came up with something absolutely stunning and unique. We decided that since the company is indegnous to Nigeria, the color green would be prominent all around the site, which was clearly reflected, starting from the logo, down to the images and the fonts.

We positioned Gottes to look and feel like a global brand, while also catering to the local feel (Nigerian) through laser-tailored content that makes the visitors feel at home. Since Gottes is an integrated company (with subsidiaries under it), we made sure to capture that and present, while not making them distant from the parent company – thus tieing everything up in one site and delivering the expected performance.

Open Project

Connecting the subsidiaries into the parent company

  • Strategy

    Competitor analysis & brand positioning

  • Design

    Logo design, branding, website design

  • Client

    Gottes Gnade Int. Ltd.

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