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Creative solutions for your business

Our Services & What We Do

Using cutting edge web technologies, we’ll scrub your online presence until it shines. Take a look at our premium range of services and find out how we can work together.


Creativity, fueled by passion.

ChimaStudios is brimming with engaging and creative ideas for your campaigns and projects. We offer our clients an integrated approach. A full digital strategy – not just a website. The whole spectrum of digital agency services underpinned by an enthusiastic understanding of your business, your audience, and your objectives.

Whether you are refreshing a tired looking company website or developing a brand new web design from scratch or trying to get customers and lead – our team of creatives are here to help you with whatever you need.


Website design and development is probably one of our most sought-after services. We have created sites for eCommerce businesses, schools, hotels and much more – so whatever your business is, we can help it shine online.

We make sure to account for user-experience and conversion rate optimisation, so that you have a website that not only looks great, but which is also simple to use by both you and your visitors — and drives the expected result.


There are many off-the-shelf, quick install applications available for any business, but more often that not, they don’t fully meet your business’ specific need. With bespoke/custom website development, you are rest assured that the final product will be exactly what you envisaged — a beautiful website tailored to your taste, that delivers customers and sales.

We will work with you every step of the way to capture every detail, because we pride ourselves on producing applications that meets your needs. Get in touch to get started.


We also offer branding services, providing a variety of logo design services and other brand services, designed to help your business set itself aside from your competition by helping to increase awareness and exposure.

Brand is an essential element in terms of presenting a professional image to the outside world and to helping establish credibility and trust. When a strong brand is established, people remember an organisation and the attributes that set it apart from the competition.


Your business is always in need of customers. So, if you’re looking to increase your business’s online presence it is vital that your digital marketing strategy is tailored to meet your specific commercial objectives.

At ChimaStudios, we deliver bespoke, tailored digital marketing strategy that ensure you make the most of online traffic to your website, convincing users to convert when they visit.


You get visitors quite alright. But, how do you make them stay glued to your website and ultimately, convert them to customers? Copywriting.

Copywriting, when done right, keeps your audience engaged and makes them believe you’re the right company for them. We provide full copywriting services for websites and can help you to deliver user-focused copy that illustrates the benefits of engagement and ticks every commercial objective box.


Organic search is consistently the top source of traffic to a site. So, when people search for keywords relating to your business, you want to be first to show up on search engines.

We will harness the power of popular search engines, like Google, Bing and even smaller engines like Ecosia and DuckDuckGo to deliver that sweet, organic traffic to your website, beating stiff competition and placing your business at the very top. Upon onboarding, we will examine your market/industry/competition to devise the perfect SEO strategy that’s unique to your business.

Let's get you the perfect online presence.

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