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Premium Branding & Strategy

Your reputation is everything. Make it count.


Branding that makes you stand out from the competition.

Chima Studios offer bespoke branding, providing a variety of logo design services and other brand services, designed to help your business set itself aside from your competition by helping to increase awareness and exposure.

Brand is an essential element in terms of presenting a professional image to the outside world and to helping establish credibility and trust. When a strong brand is established, people remember an organisation and the attributes that set it apart from the competition. Crucially, it is something which should extend way beyond your physical logo – its values and personality being seen and experienced in every touch point of your business.

Our unique approach to branding

In the age of social media where news travels far, wide, and fast, a strong and positive brand design is a must. So what does your brand say about your business? Does it talk to your audience? Chima Studios offers real expertise in developing and executing innovative brand building strategies that enhance your brand equity.

It’s all in the ‘marketing brief’! Using a detailed brief, we work with you to create a brand reflecting your values and marketing objectives. We start, if you like, with your personality, and only then will we clothe you, creating the look that’s just right for you. We create distinctive logos with unique visual styling that will work online and offline. We can also help with development of new product names and market positioning.

Branding, product & service naming
Branding, product & service naming

Unique brand positioning & data acquisition/visualization
Unique brand positioning & data acquisition/visualization

Studying user journeys to increase conversion rates
Studying user journeys to increase conversion rates

Why Chima Studios?

By choosing Chima, you are choosing a passionate and dedicated team with =7+ years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers. Every client experience is unique and we make sure you enjoy every step of the project process.

Where do you stand in the eyes of the marketplace?

Let’s make you stand tall above your competitors.