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Expert PPC Management



Cost-effective PPC ads to maximise your return on investment.

PPC management has moved on from being a mostly keyword targeted service into a complex beast incorporating; retargeting, shopping, video ads, mobile apps and social media advertising. PPC algorithms and technology have also evolved opening up tremendous opportunities with remarketing, machine learning, competitor analysis, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) which are all highly desirable to create the perfect PPC strategy for your business.

With more devices, personas and customer touchpoints than ever, creating a coherent and profitable strategy can be challenging. We’re here to guide you through the jungles of funnels, and seas of data.

Our unique approach to PPC management

Our understanding of PPC and our data-driven approach gives you access to an account management service like no other. We understand which PPC channels are more effective and how to accurately create campaigns for each channel. With mobile devices accounting for about 52% of all paid search clicks, we make sure to always stay ahead of the game in digital advertising.

Ensuring that your paid media strategy quite literally pays off, we use tried and tested  processes to engage your needs and produce a workable, tangible outcome. Constant refinement is also key to a successful PPC campaign, and we’ll be periodically updating your strategy based on what your data is telling us.

Audit your business and know what works
Audit your business and know what works

Analyze your competitors using intelligence tools
Analyze your competitors using intelligence tools

Improved conversation rate for max. results
Improved conversation rate for max. results

Why Chima Studios?

By choosing Chima, you are choosing a passionate and dedicated team with =7+ years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers. Every client experience is unique and we make sure you enjoy every step of the project process.

Increase your conversation rate through data-driven PPC ads

Excellent PPC strategy that literally pays off.