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Remarketing & Retargeting

Don't lose sight of your existing customers


Reconnect with your customers and keep them loyal for life

The way that consumers research their potential purchases and buy online is constantly changing. Did you know that retargeted ads can lead to a 1,046% increase in your business’ branded search? In just four weeks after starting a retargeted ad campaign, there can be an increase of more than 700% in site visitation.

Remarketing isn’t just a way to push your way back into the minds of your audience; it’s a unique opportunity to re-establish a connection with them by using the insights collated to create perfect ads and meaningful journeys which are tailored exactly to that specific audience persona.

Our unique approach to remarketing

Using only the highest quality data, we’re able to pinpoint the areas of your buyers’ journey where key decisions will be made. This allows us to provide your audience with the information that will help sway them into making the choice to purchase.

As one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing strategy, and the fact that we’re a data driven agency, you can guarantee that our remarketing strategies are planned out to perfection with the details of your audience in mind. No longer an add-on service, we want to help you reconnect with your audience through the power of remarketing.

Remarketing campaigns for existing customers
Remarketing campaigns for existing customers

Segmenting pages that have value for remarketing
Segmenting pages that have value for remarketing

Reducing cart abandonment through dynamic remarketing
Reducing cart abandonment through dynamic remarketing

Why Chima Studios?

By choosing Chima, you are choosing a passionate and dedicated team with =7+ years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers. Every client experience is unique and we make sure you enjoy every step of the project process.

Data-driven remarketing strategies for your business

We use a selection of remarketing techniques that are tailor-made for your business.