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websites that drive sales and customer acquisition.

Bespoke websites for your business

When you hire me to design your website, I’ll build a custom-tailored experience that sets you apart from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression — which in turn brings you new customers and attention. No repetitive, one-fits-all templates.

The websites I build are:

Unique and tailored to your brand to stand out from the competition

Intuitive for the best user experience & seamless navigation

Mobile-responsive for optimal viewing on any device

SEO ready to dominate the search rankings

Fast loading for improved user engagement

Websites that deliver great results

I build and design websites that are optimized for success. To effectively do so, I’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and create a website that speaks to your unique brand.

One truth you should know: Website design is more than just a combination of random images and text on a page. It’s more about story-telling and taking your customers on a journey that will turn them into loyal, paying customers for life. And I know just how.

Looking for a designer that knows persuasive techniques, along with the ins-and-out of copywriting? Let’s work together. 🤝

The Chima Advantage

Starting from the very first page, I focus on your brand message, the delivery, and the expected interaction with your audience. I make sure every single page on the website is error-free, loads fast and provides an awesome user experience. Every page is optimized for mobile and desktop viewing, to create a consistent and smooth brand experience across all devices.

Designed for success from the get-go.

Three things make a website succeed — beautiful design, relatability to audience,
and ease of use. I incorporate these ingredients when building every website,
so it is primed for success from the very start.

Super Fast Websites

Having a slow website in this day and age is a disaster, so a priority here at Chima Studios, is making sure clients’ websites are as fast as a bunny (while looking good of course!)


As a copywriter, I know just the right words and imagery that can convert a casual visitor into a lifetime paying customer. I deploy these in every project I handle, and yours will be no different.

Mobile Responsive

Over 60% of people access the Internet from their smartphone. That means having a mobile responsive website is very important and it is my job to ensure your pages display great across all devices.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it…here are what some of my clients have to say..

Website For Your Business

How will your new website improve your business?

You will convert more customers

When you have a mediocre website, you appear unserious and end up losing customers. Perhaps the last designer you worked with did a horrible job? Not to worry. Your new website will not only look amazing, but also convert visitors into loyal customers.

Better user experience for your customers

A well designed, user-oriented website will have smooth journey flows from homepage to checkout or contact forms as the case may be. A clean UI/UX = more customers, which means more money for your business.

Tell your story in one glance

A website needn’t be overly complex or complicated. Your customers should be able to tell what you do at first glance, without having to sort through a cluttered homepage. I’ll help you achieve this through precise copywriting and unique design.


Average Customer Value (ACV)


increase in new website traffic


avg. client revenue growth

My Portfolio

Check out some of my recent work.

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Revamping The Online Presence Of A 30-Year Old Industry Giant: ISG World

Custom Online Store For A Brick & Mortar Parts Supplier

Website Design & Appointment System For A Mental Health Institute

Custom Website For A Yoga Instructor

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Website design tailored to your business needs. Just how you want it.

It’s time to take your business online and crush your competition.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You will need to provide me with details of your business and your assets — logos, graphics, content, etc. If you do not have content ready for your website, you can purchase my copywriting service as an addon and I will handle all the website content creation for you.

Yes. English being the universal language will always be the first, followed by any other language you choose.

Yes. After I am done building a website, I keep a backup on my servers for up to three months before it is automatically discarded. If you want me to handle the backups for your website after the first three months, please contact me for a custom quote.

Sure, you can purchase the domain yourself. Once you do so, send me the details so I can connect it to your hosting server.

Yes, of course! All the websites I build come with an easy-to-use frontpage builder that allows you add, edit and remove content at will. If you however, run into any technical complications, I am one message away!

Sometimes after a project is completed, a client would rather I manage the website for them, so they just focus on running their business without worrying about things like software and security updates, etc. If this is you too, and you want me to maintain your website, I am more than happy to help, just send me a message and we can work it out.

Yes! For eCommerce websites and bigger projects such as Hotel/Booking website, kindly send me a message for custom quote.